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Tail Rhyme



Rhyming words is not a privilege only for poets or rappers. By achieving a sense of rhyme, the "language" will be more approachable. In this work, you can experience rhyming words by actually stepping on and tailing the beautiful passages extraced from Aozora Bunko.

When you stepped on the phrase written on the book, the phrases that rhyme appear around you. Only you have to do is stepping on the books and you can rhyme and become a rapper.

(Japanese word "踏む fumu" has two meanings. One is "rhyming" and the other is "stepping on".


Richard Hartanto

2018.11  Exhibited in  iiiExhibition 2018

2019.5  Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto Award : Exhibited in SICF 2019 


2019.10 Nominated for 異能vation Generation Award

2019.12 Nominated for Campus Genius Contest in Art Category & Entertainment Category

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